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Playlist of the week - Top 10 Oasis B-sides

Oasis Logo

Brit-pop outfit Oasis were one of the biggest bands of the 90's and early 2000's. The band typified British rock 'n roll with their debut album Definitely Maybe which was released in August 1994.

Lead guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher is famous for writing a plethora of quality tracks, but hindered by the fact he couldn't fit them all onto a single album track listing. So, to celebrate the talent of Noel, Erasmus Corner has put together a playlist, in no particular order, of the top 10 Oasis B-sides and unreleased material.

1. Cloudburst - With long intro of almost a whole minute, Cloudburst sums up Oasis in their early days. Plenty of fuzzy guitar, and the unmistakable sound of “brick-walling”. Liam singing in a typically arrogant fashion and lyrics about rain that could sum up Britain in a nutshell. 

2. Acquiesce - It was close but no cigar for Acquiesce as the song narrowly missed out on being included in the band's second album (What's The Story) Morning glory? - However, the track is quite unique in the fact that both Gallagher brothers have such a large vocal input. The song is my personal favourite B-side and it's easy to see why.

3. Talk Tonight - A song with a great backstory. Noel wrote the slow paced acoustic number after he walked out on the band after becoming angered by his brother and the tour of the U.S.A. He sings of a woman he met on his travels away from the band, and shows a different side of his song writing ability.

4. Headshrinker - Back to heavy guitar and full throttle music. Headshrinker is typical Liam Gallagher song. The end of every sentence is dragged out as long as possible with his unquestionably Mancunian accent. A proper rock 'n roll tune that punches you in the face just to get it's message across.

5. Idler's Dream - Another trip into Noel's romantic side, Idler's Dream is simply a brilliant ode to songwriting and of course your dream partner. “I'll meet you on the day that never ends, I'll greet you in a way that heaven meant” is one of my favourite lyrics ever. A truly great song.

6. Let's All Make Believe - A rare time we hear Liam actually try to glide through a song instead of storm through smashing everything in his path. Let's All Make Believe could though, ironically, be the first song they sing as a band if their is a reunion… “Let's all make belive that we're still friends”…

7. Listen Up - A Truly lost song. Listen up starts with a slow and long-ish intro that takes us into a story about the band's arrogance, and how life will always be there to put you down, but you've got to get through it. A bit soppy, but a message the band has always stood by. A favourite of many fans, especially me.

8. Fade Away - Now, although this is an oasis song, I feel the best way to listen to Fade Away is from a Noel Gallagher acoustic set. Simply listen, and enjoy.

9. Masterplan - A favourite of many Oasis fans, Masterplan was never released on an album as we know it. It featured on compilation albums, but truly is a gem from the latter days of the band. “It's up top us to make the best of what comes our way”.

10. Rockin' Chair - Following on the B-side pattern, this one is a slightly slower pace, and the song benefits hugely from it. A song about growing old and reminiscing… and getting lonely… but it's still great.

The full playlist can be found here: